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Update on Mary Githiga

Blessings this morning. As many of you already knew that my beloved wife was on a long journey battling dementia. As of Jan. 23rd, 2023, Rev Dr Mary Githiga has rested in the Lord. The message she repeated several times with me was:” for me to live is Christ and to die is gain.” Any financial assistance can be sent to $BishopJohnGithiga Cash App. Thank you all for your prayers, calls, and text messages. Please continue to keep us in your prayers.



We are most grateful to the Lecturer for their hard work and the use of their special talents and skill. We are proud of Purity for her talents and the use of both English and Kiambu. She reminds us that behind every language there is a philosophy.

We cherish the spiritual gifts of Bishop John Njeru particularly the gift of healing and allowing us to use JESUS HEALING FELLOWSHIP. I have seen John using this gift by identifying the problem of one of our teachers and administering the healing. Interesting, recently, we had problems with our email and after reporting the problem to Bishop John, he administered the healing and our problem was gone. Drawing from the bishop, the Embu campus discovered Sanitizer which is heling the community fight Covid 19.

The other unique endeavor is bee keeping business which involved students and the member of the community. This brings economic advancement to both the students and the community. We greatly appreciate you for this project.

We are therefore encouraging you praise God for your humble beginning. Remember that Jesus who is the Lord of all and through who all things were made, was born in a major and he never own any property. And so do not let anyone despise you. You are indeed doing a great job and I am grateful. I strongly advice you to move in God speed. Remember the mission statement of All Nations Christian Church International is: Empowered by the Holy Spirit, we preach the Gospel to all nations. I therefore advise you to let the Holy Spirit fill every fiber of your being.

May God richly bless you.
Prof John G Githiga
Chancellor, ANCCI University

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2022 GRADUATION TANZANIA CAMPUS under Prof Beneza Mwang'ombe

Lilongwe Malawi graduation 2022 under Prof David Mwang'ombe

Emmanuel All Nations Anglican Church Federal

1500 S 336th suite 2 Federal Way WA 98003


Emmanuel is an affiliate of ANCCI and its Rector is Rev Dr George Kiarie



Emmanuel All Nation Anglican Church is one of the ANCCI Church that reach out to the immigrants of Kenyan descent in America. It is a an interdenominational, where all Christians from diverse Christian traditions are welcome. As such, the Church has been inspired by its vision and mission that states, “Empowered by the Holy Spirit, we preach the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to all the nations.” (See Matthew 28: 19 – 20)

Birth of Emmanuel Church

The first service was a Holy communion service and we were privileged to have the Rev David Mariga breaking the bread and sharing the word of God to us.

As the number of Christians grew, the Rector Rev Dr George Kiarie and the steering committee saw the need to have the first interim church council. It was formed and it comprised of six officials out of the pioneer members. The photo below captures the first Emmanuel church council.

By December 2020 the church council and the Vicar resolved to move from the house to a rented premises. By God’s grace and through the auspice of our council members we secured a space to rent in Nueva Vida Church premises at the address 1500 S 336th suite 2 Federal Way WA 98003. We were given the morning hours from 8 am until 10:30 am. These hours eventually became our official worshipping time.


Emmanuel church has experienced immense growth and the following ministries have led the way in serving God among the Christians.

Some of these ministries are:

The Emmanuel Men in action

Women Ministry


Youth ministry

Choir: Emmanuel Angelic voices

For holistic growth, Emmanuel Church has various pillars that enable it to stand firm. Some of these pillars are finance, which is the backbone of the Christian ministry, pastoral team for spiritual nourishment, Mission that enable Emmanuel Church network and collaborate with like-minded ecclesiastical groups promoting the gospel of Christ to all the nations. We also have the pillar of Communication and outreach through social media such as Facebook live under the name “Emmanuel Anglican Church.”

Past Events

Official inauguration of the Emmanuel Church in February 2021 by our spiritual father the Most Rev Dr. John Githiga. The event was also graced by our Archdeacon Ven Dr Joseph Gatungu.

Inauguration and Launch Service

Induction Service of our Rector

Welcome of our Rector by the Bishop, Archdeacon cheering up

Revival weekend



ANCCIU EMBU Centre's unique qualities are that it is very ecumenical, has discovered senatizer and other herbal medicine and been keeping business which in improving students and community economy. We are grateful to Bishop John Njeru, Vice Chancellor and Dr. Prurity Gatobu, Dean of the Sudents.



Jesus said: “I am the vine; you are branches. If a man remain in me and I in him he will bear much fruits.” John15:5. This month, I have been owed by the fruits which I bore Long time ago. I received a text message from Rose which stated: “Thank you sir. Just wanted to give you flowers when you are still alive Thanks for giving me a home, food, cloth and education at St Nicholas Children home.” Rose came from the poorest of the poor and was take care of at children home which we founded in 50 years ago. These children fed in garbage dump. And so, the title I was given by the children in the neighborhood was Mapipa- garbage dump.(see THE HOLY SPIRIT). The other surprise came from Rev Stephen and his wife whom I baptized 36 years ago before I cam to USA. They visited us from Dallas. Arriving our home at 9am Roseanna and Eric went straight to the kitchen and prepared breakfast for us. They made sure that Mary didn’t go to the Kitchen. They also brought prepared food enough for two weeks.

The other surprise came from the Rev Joyce Karuri who was my student at St Paul’s United Theological college in early 1980. She was one of the three women students to be admitted in the college. They indeed fought a good fight because during that time women were not admitted in the Holy Order. I still remember writing an article defending ordination of women which was published in Daily Nation. The feedback which I got was amusing. “How can a full Doctor dare to defend ordination of women?” Joyce, not only became a fruitful priest, but she chaired the committee which produced OUR MODERN SERVICES which is being used by Anglicans in Kenya and North America. In Preface Bishop David Gitari commented: “I also wish to greatly thank the Provincial coordinator, the Rev Joyce Karuri who has marshalled all her talents in ensuring that this book became a reality. This work which Joyce has done has become internationally recognized as she is a member of the International Anglican liturgical consultation.” The message here is let us be in Christ and plant the seed and in due time we shall reap.

We are most grateful to all who support the ministry which God has given us. To send your donation make your check payable to ANCCI and mail it to PO Box 19805, Amarillo, TX 79114.

May the Lord richly bless you.

+++John G Githiga



Mary and I praise God for giving us fruitful marriage and for preparing us for our live together long before we were born. Born on Christmas day, the parents selected the name Mary for her. There is power in this name which gave us connecting thread, my maternal grandmother’s name is Mary. She was  midwife to my my mam when I was being born. She was the first to call me father, when I was born because I was named after my maternal grandfather. Mary being the second born daughter, was named after her maternal grandmother. So, we both follow the linage of our mothers. My elder sister, the wives of my two-beloved brother who are in holy order, are Mary. And our mothers’ names are Joyce.

Beside the names, we have received  so much from Kenya tribes and western nations. The participants  in our wedding included three tribes and three Western nations. Our celebrant was Austrian Bishop, wedding cake was prepared by a British lady, and honey moon  mansion was provided by a  Scottish presbyterian Minister. He left the whole house for us and provided us with a cook. At St Paul’s United  Theological college where we were students for three years, we were under the tutorage of Hungarian, American, European, Dutch, African Teachers. And we taught the same seminary for three years. The students who also had great impact in us came from many African nations. Our mission statements drew from international Christian organization. From Mother Union we were equipped with “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me, being a Church Captain, we had: “fight a good fight”. Being founders of the first Boys and Girls Brigade in Kenya: we have: from GB “seek and follow Christ.” And  BB “sure and steadfast” and when God gave us All Nations Christian Church International on my 65th birthday (7.27.2007) he gave us the mission statement: “Empowered by the Holy Spirit, we preach the Gospel to all nations.”

More importantly, it is God who have maintain our marriage. We have been nurtured by the church.  As youth we attended early morning prayer from Monday to Friday, weekly youth program where we were taught about friendship between boys and girls.  Very early in our marriage we formed the habit of have early morning prayer and Bible reading. God has rewarded us by filling us with Holy Spirit who gives us positive energy. That is the fruit of the Holy Spirit which is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Galatian 5:22. This is all what is needed for fruitful marriage. We ask our spiritual children to follow our footstep. More about this in FRUITFUL FAMILY, MINISTRY TO ALL NATIONS, 30 SECRETS OF SUCCESS IN MARRIAGE, CHRIST AND ROOTS AND THE HOLY SPIRIT: The Greatest Gift of All.Visit http://allnationscci.org/about_john_books.html

May God protect and richly bless you.

+++John G Githiga


THE FRUITFUL FAMILY: Family Therapy based on Christian Principles  observes and discusses the face Of Jesus in the international infants and children and discusses the importance of planting the seed of the gospel in all developmental stages. It discusses the effect of names and titles on personality and the fundamentals of fruitful family and gives guidance on how to develop the best self so as to bear much fruits. It draws counseling insights from African and current personality theories. The book is great value for personal growth, Christian Counseling and family therapy based on Christian principles. The book is the text book for 1. Fruitful Family. 2. Family Therapy based on Christian Principles.

To enroll visit http://ancciuniversity.org/university/admission.php
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Initiation and Pastoral Psychology employs anthropological and interdisciplinary approaches to pastoral care and enhances interest and respect for other people’s cultures, equipping one with skills for dealing with different ethnic groups, thereby extending the ego boundary and enhancing self-knowledge and self-identity. Share with us the effect of lack of initiation rite from childhood to adulthood in your community. You can get a book from amazon.com. We encourage you to enroll for PT 102:Anthropological approach to pastoral care, this course is of fundamental importance since we are called to minister to all nations. Thus, the study will enhance your interest in and respect for other people's culture and equip you with skills of dealing with different ethnic groups and thereby extend your ego boundary and increase your self-knowledge and self-identity. The study will endeavor to answer a profound question which is posed by the Psalmist: What is man that you are mindful of him, and the son of many that you care for him?

To enroll visit http://ancciuniversity.org/university/admission.php
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The Gospel To All Nations consist of the sermons based on the Revised Common Lectionary used by the protestant and Roman Catholic Churches. It is in three years cycle which covers all Christian doctrinal topics and human life cycle.

To enroll visit http://ancciuniversity.org/university/admission.php
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Welcome the Rev John Karanja and Nancy Nganga

We are delighted to welcome the Rev John Karanja and Nancy Nganga to ANCCI. Pastor Karanja is a Gospel artist motivational speaker and has preached the Gospel in South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Congo DR, Congo Brazzaville, Nigeria, Rwanda and Mauritius. He is founder and Senior Pastor of Royal Chapel Assembly. He has been in full time ministry for 24 years and has raise sons and daughters who are who are ministering in many countries. He has authors several books and has done counseling in Radio and TV.

            Pastor John and Nancy, welcome to All Nations Christian Church International whose mission statement is: “Empowered by the Holy Spirit, we preach the Gospel to all nations.”


We are delighted to introduce the Rev Captain George Kiarie to ANCCI as faculty at ANCCI University

Dr Kiarie comes from Thika Diocese and is one of the first Lecturers at ANCCI University Thika campus. He is now in charge of ANCCIU at Seattle WA. Dr Kiarie is famous for his godliness and humility. You can reach him at 919.741.1425


The Rev. Dr. George Kiarie is an ordained Anglican priest in Kenya. He holds Bachelor of Divinity and Masters of Theology from St. Paul Limuru, Kenya and Doctor of Philosophy in Systematic Theology (PhD) from University of Kwa-Zulu Natal University, South Africa.  Dr. Kiarie has been lecturing at Karatina University since 2017 and St. Paul University as an Adjunct Lecturer for the last five years.  He is an external examiner of Religious Studies at Mount Kenya University. He has published widely in peer reviewed journals in the area of his specialization particularly on the Eucharistic Symbols in the Anglican Church. He is a member of Christian Scientific Association in Kenya (CSAK). He is interested in contextual theologies in Africa and he is reeling to continue researching and publishing on Religion and Science, Religion and Environmental conservation.



We are delighted to welcome Bishop Zachary and Jane Muoria and Christian Covenant Assemblies who have a vision of reaching out to the people of all nations. They are located in Nairobi, Kenya. They believe in preaching the Gospel with power of the Holy Spirit. Zachary has a prophetic gift, which is cherished in ANCCI. CCA vision and ministry include reaching out to those who are experiencing economic hardship, winning people for Christ and making disciples who make disciples

Bishop Zachary and Jane, we welcome you to All nations Christian Church International which is an association of Churches and ministries. We invite you to join hand with us in obeying the Great Commission.


May God richly bless you.

Patriarch John XIII



We are delighted to welcome Anglican Community Church in Seattle which is under the pastoral care of The Reve Elijah Karanja.

Mary and I were awed by the unique quality of the Anglican Community Church. They have the spirituality of the early church which is described as: “They broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts…. And the Lord added to their number daily those who were being saved.” Acts 2:46-47 For only three days we were hosted by five families in their homes. Beside enjoying healthy meals, we had time of sharing our stories. Mary and I were amazed by the way we saw ourselves in their stories. For those who were over forty years, we were beaten in school and if we reported to our parents, the parent will beat us for being beaten by the teacher.

We also learned that church and school we put on the highest plane in the family. And this is why 80% of the Kenyan are Christians.

The unique qualities this include having four theologically educated priests who are ministering together, inclusion of many Kenyan communities and even Anglo American, combination of traditional liturgy with contemporary gospel songs, generosity to their Father and Mother in God which was demonstrated by inviting them to their homes and the love and in love offering. Mary was given flowers. The amazing grace enable us to do so many things in one service; launching of the church, officially receiving the for priests in All Nations Christian Church International, infant and adult baptism, confirmation, receiving American Anglican Men Association and Mother’s Union and celebration of the Holy Eucharist. All glory to God.

May God richly bless you as I Seattle in the fellowship of All Nations Anglican Church and All Nations Church International.

Patriarch John XIII


It is with great joy that we welcome CHRIST FOUNTAIN ANCCI Dallas which was planted by the Rev. Dr. Joseph Gatungu. The vision of this church is spiritual, social, and economic transformation. We visited this church on May 10—14, 2018 and were surprised by the growth of the church. They have boys and girls brigade, youth fellowship, women fellowship  and young couples fellowship called Ambassadors for Christ.  A good number of the members are students at ANCCIU.  Rev. Dr. Joseph who has successfully completed doctoral studies graduated with PhD in Theology and Development. To put their vision in practice, they have started a SACCO where by members buy shares and can get a loan from their savings at a lower rate.

CFANCCI Combines Anglican tradition with Pentecostal charisma. We really experienced the presence of the Holy Spirit.

Beloved in Christ,

May God richly bless you as you serve him in All Nations Anglican Church and All Nations Christian Church International bless you.


3J2 Bible Center & Ministries Anglican Church
Archbishop Johnny Riley
THE HOLY SPIRIT CONFERENCE, there were 40 Pastors, Leaders, Church Members who came. Praise the LORD for using the Archbishop ++Johnny Riley in Teaching us about the HOLY SPIRIT, it was in deed a blessing for those who came, and tomorrow will be the 2nd Day of the Conference, and I believe there will be more, more of the move and touch of the HOLY SPIRIT among HIS people. Praise the LORD! HALLELUJAH! REVIVAL, HEALING & MIRACLES.

. Rev Esther and John Mwangi

It is a great delight to welcome the Rev Esther and John Mwangi to ANCCI. We met Esther in Boston where We had gone to dedicate Ezra Christian Radio.  Esther and John are founders of El-bethel Ministry. She is a prayer warrior. A day before the ceremony of Ezra Christian Radio, there was a snow storm in Boston. Esther prayed and believed and said: “that there will be a sunshine tomorrow.” To our surprise. We had sunshine and it was 65 F. Esther likes referring to me as Dad Additionally. Esther and John we welcome you to ANCCI which is an association of Churches and Ministries in over seventy countries.
............................ Patriarch John Githiga.

M.Div Student

In this paper we will discussion one of the seven “I AM” Statements in the Fourth Gospel showing its roots in the Old Testament concept of God and how it relates to Jesus miraculous signs and Jesus relationship with the Father and believers. I will also share my experience as a shepherd girl
... See Article


We are glad to welcome Pastor Ninteretse Desire and Sister Olive and All Nations Church of Burundi to All Nations Christian Church International. Pastor Disere oversees ten churches  in Burundi. His great deired is to take advantage of ANCCI University in educating his pastors and to conitinue planting churhes in Burundi
Pastor Desire and Sister Olive welcome to ANCCI. May the Lord bless you as you continue to reach out to all the communities in Burundi.
.................................. ........................... John XIII

..... Jesus Healing Center

We are most delighted to welcome Bishop John Njeru and Ann Catherine Gatumu and brothers and sister of Jesus Healing Center to All Nations Christian Church International which is a global ministry operating in over seventy countries. Bishop John and Ann are blessed with three adult children. Their mission statement is: “To integrate all noble humanitarian deed through spreading the fragrance of the Christ’s Gospel worldwide. Bishop John and Ann Catharine resides in Embu, Kenya.
Bishop John, We welcome you with both hands
Patriarch John XIII


Praise the Lord! Today, July 13, is my 57th spiritual birth day. And as the loving Lord called John and James on the same day, He saved me and my elder brother, Habel, on the same night. We have experienced inexpressive joy of the Holy Spirit. The Spirit of Christ has brought so many people to Christ through us. Sing with us the song of praise.
.... .... See Story ...............................John XIII.................

Welcome Pastor Darrin & Trish
Pastor Darrin and Trish have testimonies in their lives of the many things God has brought them through that they now look back on as they encourage others that God will see them through as well. They are committed to seeing broken people restored and raised up by God’s saving grace, that they in turn could touch the lives of others with God’s love. Pastor Darrin currently serves as a worship leader in Charleroi, PA and are in the beginning stages of planting Missio Dei Life Church in Donora, PA. For more information on Missio Dei Life Church you can visit www.missiodeilife.org .... Patriarch John xiii

It is with great joy that we welcome the Rev. K.S Peter Palani and Grace Ministry to All Nations Christian Church International which is an association of Churches and ministry in over 70 countries. Pastor Palasi comes from Hindu background and has accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Savior He is married to Jaya Shree and they have one son, Caleb and one daughter Shawna Jessica. They have been ministering for 17 years. As it is with most ministries in ANCCI his ministry is independent. He focus on orphanage homes, blinds people ministry, widow, lepers, Gypsy and village church ministry reaching people in rural areas. Pastor Peter and Jaya Shree, May God richly bless you as we partner together in ministry. .... Patriarch John xiii

All Nations Christian Church International welcomes Universal Ministry of Africa (UMOA) to our global fellowship of churches and ministries. UMOA’s vision is to build a network of churches, ministries, and businesses through which God’s network of life can transform people, their communities, and the systems they participate in. Please visit the ministry’s website at:
envaya.org/umoatrust ...

To fulfil its vision, this ministry’s mission is to 1) establish congregations and ministries that develop mature Saints who love God and his beloved Son Jesus Christ “with everything they've got,” genuinely love their neighbors and participate in the expansion of the Kingdom of God all over the world; 2) establish businesses that promote the health and prosperity of communities – beginning with the poor and oppressed societies. UMOA is currently involved in evangelism in the African countries of Uganda, Kenya, Congo and Rwanda. UMOA’s core values include 1) a commitment to biblical truth 2) leadership development 3) strengthening families and 4) “messy ministry,” that is, a willingness to be involved in the lives of people with real needs and problems. Headquartered near Dar-es-Salaam, this ministry oversees five churches in Tanzania, with a total weekly attendance of 231. The pastors associated with this ministry are Rev. Benezer David Mwang’ombe (presiding Bishop), Silvery Mganga, John Kitoto, Isaya Kadaba, Joshua Mwakibinga, Elisha Ayoub, George Mao, Mbwilo Zakaria, Ibrahim Juma, and Deogracia Mwanyika. ...... Archdeacon Martin Davis

ANCCI is happy to welcome Holy Mount Ministry, Guntur (District), Andhra Pradesh South India, to our global family of independent ministries and churches.

This family ministry is led by Pastor V. Param Jyothi and his wife Rebacca Jyothi. They are assisted in ministry by their daughters Rachel Jyothi and Haveela Jyothi. Also serving in this ministry are their son-in-law Pastor K. Ratna Babu (married to Rachel) and his parents K. David Babu and his wife Chitama. This family ministry has founded and oversees several churches in South India. At their main church in Attuluru, they have 400 in attendance. The ministry’s broad vision includes church planting, street ministry, development of print and electronic media, schools (including a Bible college), orphanages and homes for the elderly, children’s ministry, clean water supply to villages, and ministry to Gipsy tribes. We urge our global family to pray for this vibrant family ministry, so that they may bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to many in South India. .... Archdeacon Martin Davis

As we have been grieving the over 28 Kenyan Christians who were killed in Mandera by Al-shabaab, the Lord has given me these words for all of us. He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty. I will say of the Lord, “He is my refuge and my fortress, My God in whom I trust. He will cover you with his feathers and under his wings you will find refuge. Psalm 91:1-4 The wicked flees thou no one pursues but the righteous are as bold as a lion when the country is rebellious, it has many rulers but a man of understanding and knowledge maintains order. Proverb 28:1-2 The Lord is my light and my salvation, whom shall I fear? The Lord is the stronghold of my life – Of whom shall I be afraid? When the evil men advance against me, to devour my flesh, when the enemies and my foes attack me. They will stumble and fall.
Psalm 27:1-2
................................................................................ Patriarch John xiii

Join Hands for Christ Independent Baptist Ministries
ANCCI would like to welcome to our global family Join Hands for Christ Independent Baptist Ministries, led by Pastor A. Ravibabu. Located in Vissannapeta, India, this ministry’s vision includes the following: * To plant mission stations/churches throughout un-evangelized areas in India. * To build church buildings where the congregations are too large for the pastor’s home. * To support local pastors with foreign sponsorships to meet the needs of the pastor’s family and his church; eventually finding an American church for each Indian pastor. * To establish Bible Colleges in areas where our mission stations are established to develop the Indian people into devoted follows of Christ. * To rescue orphans by placing them in orphanages run by Christian pastors and workers. * To drill clean water wells in villages with major water contamination. * To support women and children affected by the AIDS virus by creating a sponsorship program for them. * To develop a local care system for our mission teams to help them become whole in spirit, soul and body.  To contact this ministry, phone 0091-8897370097 or email aravibabuvpt@gmail.com. You may also follow this ministry on FACEBOOK. .... Archdeacon Martin Davis

............................................ 3J2 Bible Center, Ministries
....................................... BISHOP STEPHEN VILLAESTER

Mama Sonia prepared the Food early in the morning, we reached the relocation site at 10:30 in the morning the Doctors had already started the Free Consultation, the Free Minor Operations, the Free Circumcision for the boys and the Free Haircuts. All in all, the Medical Mission was able to serve 430 people, and we were also able to serve 250 Children as well as the adults. Before we served the food we were allowed to share a Message from the Word of GOD, I shared the Gospel, and then I prayed. We Thank GOD for using us at the relocation center.
....................... Agape, Stephen and Sonia, . April 2014
............ Home .............See Video

........................ Zion Excellence Community Church, Congo
ANCCI is happy to welcome
Pastor Kakumbi Katondo Inock and Zion Excellence Community Church (Communuate des Eglises Sion Excelle au Congo) to our global fellowship of denominations and independent ministries. Located in Bukavu town in South Kivu Province in French-speaking Congo, this ministry’s purposes are “to proclaim the Gospel to the nations; to help the church to return to its Apostolic foundation, and to prepare believers for the second coming of Jesus Christ.” Pastor Kakumbi and his wife Siirewabo Muyuwas Anuarite have five children. Serving Jesus Christ alongside Pastor Kakumbi are Pastor Mutaliko Lomviro, Reverend Ghislain Bafunyembaka and Pastor Kikwabantu Kakuma. In addition to proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ, this ministry seeks to aid the most vulnerable members of their community, including orphans, widows, single women and those affected by HIV/AIDS.Rev. ... Rev. Dr. Martin M. Davis

Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.
Jeremiah 33:3

The ordination of Rev. Skip Beyer February 23, 2014 and the fulfillment of a vision which God gave him seven years ago.
  . I pray that the Lord Jesus Christ himself will give you and your spouse the fullness of the interpretation of your vision. May the Lord bless you and keep you safe.  May you both rest in the palm of His hands and In His Grace. Patriarch John xiii ............... See News Letter


  -- Isaac Cyprian Githiga
For ANCCI University December 29th marked a day for great celebration. As everyone from man, woman, and child sat in their seats you could feel something special taking place. Smiles and laughter and “congratulations” in multiple languages filled the air.  The occasion was blessed with the hymns from the Agape Choir of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Southern Sudan national anthem was sung by Sudanese children. Arabic, Dinka, Congolese cultures mixed with Kenyan and American ways truly made this a gathering of all nations. The exuberance and joy of the graduates was felt and shared throughout the congregation. As each one’s name was called you could see pride they had for themselves, their family, and the community they shared it with. You could truly see God’s divine work in absolute fruition. As for me and everyone else privileged to attend the occasion, it was a real joy to see God’s work in All Nations Christian Church International University.

It is with great Joy that we welcome the Rev. Vincent Nzabanita and his Church to ANCCI. Pastor Vincent is ministering in Rwanda, the birth place of the East Frica Revival Fellowship where Christ revealed Himself to me 55 years ago. The Revival has produced great men and women of God including martyrs. Pastor Vincent may the Lord bless you and your church family as we partner in the Gospel. ....... Patriarch John xiii

It is with great joy that we welcome Daryl R Gray Jr to All Nations Christian Church International. Father Gray was ordained to the priesthood by us on the feast of Holy Cross at St. James Attleboro, MA on September 15, 2013.
Father  Gray  holds a Masters of Divinity degree from Central Theological Seminary Kansas and has trained as a Resident Chaplain completing five units of CPE (Levels 1 and 2) at Research Medical Center’s Certified Pastoral Education Program in KC, MO.  His residency focus dealt specifically with palliative and oncology care, and how Grief Process, Communication, and Mediation can be used compassionately and creatively to heal brokenness within individuals, families, and communities.
Last year he moved to the Rhode Island where he is presently employed as a full-time hospice chaplain. The Spiritual Journey that brought him into ministry took him from mental health care giving on into Film & Television Production and finally the Coast Guard where he served for four years as a Seaman and Yeoman. His loves include being with his son, reading, and writing, exercising, and walking his dog “Soren.”  Patriarch John xiii


Dear Dr. Uthwal, It is with great joy that we have received in All Nation Christian Church International on the feast of Saint Mary the Virgin. We can together sing with Mary “My soul glorifies the Lord and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior.” Your vision and mission statements are in keeping with the mission statement of ANCCI. We like your vision of equipping the Saints for ministry and preaching love, peace and unity. We encourage you to establish Biblical training center. We pray that God continue to bless you according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus our Lord. Yours in Christ service John G Githiga Patriarch John X111

Christian Fellowship
Church of Christ

Dear Pastor Orenge, It is our joy to inform you that you and Christian Fellowship Church of Christ have been received in the larger fellowship of All Nations Christian Church International. We like your vision statement which entails providing spiritual and physical need to the people of God and to sustain the underprivileged. We pray that the gift of evangelism which you are bringing to the ANCCI will be used to reaching out to the people of all classes and categories in your area. This need to include Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus who will enables you to reach out to the needy in your area. We would also direct you to connect of Bishop Thomas Gwako, who is our Bishop in the area, so that you can have mutual encouragement. At the meantime, we praise God for connected us with you. We pray that this may be the beginning of mutual encouragement and praying for each other. May the Lord richly bless you. Yours in Christ, John G Githiga. Patriarch John xiii

A Vision for Zambia
All Nations Christian Church International

By the grace of God and the participation of like-minded people committed to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, together we may develop an educational facility that will serve as a viable and significant center of Christian learning for Zambia and surrounding countries for generations to come.

........ ......................... Patriarch John xiii

. Palm Sunday, Action Life Ministries Pakistan
I delivered the message of God with the people and shared how we can celebrate this day in Christ, people responded and understand it actively. People brought the branches of palms with them for the rally. We walked street to street by worshiping and prayers, I saw everybody was filled with the great joy and peace, the environment was incredible. People prepared their palm branches in different shapes to welcome our King Jesus Christ.
..... Evangelist. Monica Gill
.................. See Video

Worshiping in Pakistan through Skype
I had an uplifting experience when I attended Palm Sunday Worship at ANCCIU In Pakistan through skype. We had a Pentecostal experience, they sang in Urdu while I sang in Kikuyu, a song which I composed when I was 19 and was going through persecution just as our beloved brothers and sisters in Pakistan are going through. .. Patriarch John xiii
.................................. See Story

Youth Revival in
Sta Maria Philippines

We praise God for the Youth Revival in the Philippines, particularly the ministry of Pastor Remegio Blanco. Website

A Journey to Kenya
© 2013 The Rev. Dr. Martin M. Davis (Ph.D.)

.................................... See Story
Recently I had the extraordinary opportunity to undertake a sixteen-day journey to western Kenya with Patriarch John Githiga, where I was to participate in a series of teaching lectures for a large number of African pastors of various independent evangelical churches. This trip was to prove to be one of the greatest and one of the most difficult events of my life. It was a journey filled both with great opportunities for ministry and great personal challenges.
. Patriarch John xiii and Rev. Martin Davis


Play Video: Depraved Indifference
By Ellerslie Discipleship Training
Ministry of Eric and Leslie Ludy.
Not Affiliated With ANCCI

This video is the heart and soul of what All Nations Christian Church International is all about.

.................................. Freedom in Christ Mission in Liberia
It is with overwhelming joy that we welcome the Senior Pastor Emmanuel and Pastor Mrs. Sanuella Davies and Freedom in Christ Mission in Liberia . Pastor Emmanuel as a youth leader and the director of the bible school for 5 years. He has been involved in Children ministry and was instrumental in helping Freedom in Christ Mission get into the prison ministry. Brother Davies was saved January 17, 1996 and started preaching on July 7, 1999. In 2009 he and his lovely wife Samuella F. Davies and four children, became missionary’s in the Nation of Liberia, the city of Monrovia. Were they are missionary for Freedom in Christ Mission Inc. He is presently the senior pastor of Freedom in Christ Mission. He is looking forward to be in a Tent making and to do the work of the ministry effective and move the mission forward to the Glory of God. Pastor Emmanuel and Freedom in Christ Mission we welcome you to All Nations Christian Church International. We pray that our relationship will be of mutual benefit..................................... In Christ Love Patriarch John xiii

Pastor Bunty Singh and his wife Amanpreet Kaur and their children
Grace Tabernacle,
... Welcome Pastor Bunty and Grace Tabernacle

It is with great joy that we welcome Pastor Bunty Singh and his wife Amanpreet Kaur and Grace Tabernacle Inc. India. Their vision statement: To reach the lost with the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ with sign and wonders. To plant Cell Churches in the state of Punjab. To continue with the school of Intercession where we teach about Intercessory prayers. To ordain eligible graduates for the great commission, Mt 28:18, 19. To spread the love and compassion of Christ and to see the lost getting saved. To continue to hold Gospel meetings through the evangelical meetings and crusades. To reach out to small children in slum areas and help those to look beyond their poverty, sickness and give them hope to achieve success in life
................................................................ Patriarch John xiii

We are thrilled to welcome Pastor Shumila Alam and Life Gospel Ministries International. Pastor Shumila is the Senior Pastor and the Founder of LGMIP with a vision and mission to serve God. Pastor Shumila Alam, we welcome you to All Nations Christian Church International. We pray that God may bless our lives together. .................................................................... With love, Patriarch John xiii

Pastor Mutaliko Lomviro Frederic
and his lovely wife Furaha
It is a real blessing to welcome Pastor Mutaliko Lomviro Frederic and his wife Furaha and Gospel for All Nations Church to all Nations Christian Church International. Their mission statement is: to reach out and gather different nations and feed them with the Word of God; training and equipping the saints for ministry and to initiating development projects so as to promote the life of the people of God. We pray that our time together will be of mutual benefit. .....
............................... In Christ Service Patriarch John xiii

We Welcome Action Life Ministries, Pakistan
My name is Evangelist Monica Gill Founder President of Action Life Ministries .We are based in Pakistan and serving our Lord Jesus since 2000, working as International Evangelism with Action Life Ministries Pakistan. I am called by the Lord to establish His kingdom in the world.

Blessings, Evangelist. Monica Gill.

Mission Cathedral Dedication
See the dedication of Word of Life Church
as a Mission Cathedral on video.

In Christ Love Patriarch John xiii

See Video of Dedication


We are glad to welcome Pastor Samuel Mbuchi and Revival Life Church to All Nations Christian Church International. The Vision statement of RLC is to reach the lost for Christ and to plant Churches and to faithfully serve the Lord as an affiliate of ANCCI.Pastor Samuel, Welcome to ANCCI we pray and hope that our relationship will be of the mutual benefit. Patriarch John xiii

It with overwhelming joy that we received Pastor Emmanuel and the Rev. Rosemond Mensah, their family and Greater Life Evangelistic Temple. I am awed by so many codes which binds us together the greatest of which is our position on Holy Spirit, Holy Trinity, the Bible, evangelism, participation of the spouses in ministry and holy orders. Like Emmanuel I started as a Catechist and youth minister and both have done prison ministry. It is a real blessing to have our presence in Ghana.
Pastor Emmanuel and Rosemond, welcome to All Nations Christian Church International. We pray that our time together will be of greater mutual benefit and for building up the Kingdom of God.

Patriarch John xiii

It is with great joy that we welcome Pastor Joshua Wekesa and Last Chronicles Pentecostal Ministry to All Nations Christian Church International. We also welcome the team of his pastors which includes, Henry Wafula, Erick Sikuku, Fred wasama, Abraham masai, Michael, Naibei, Kenedy makhandia and, Ernest. Interestingly his ministry is located in Eldoret where Archbishop Doyle and Rev. Carolyn open air preaching and pastors’ conference. Pastor Joshua and LCPM welcome to ANCCI. We hope our time together will be of mutual edification.And now to Him who is able to keep you from falling and to present you before his glorious presence without fault and with great joy-To the only God our Savior be glory, majesty, power and authority, through Jesus Christ our Lord, before all ages, now and forever more! Amen
.......................................................... Patriarch John xiii


It is with great joy that we welcome Bishop Vincent Nzabanita, his wife Leocadie and Good Samaritan Christian Church in Rwanda together with his four pastors: Fancaise Mugorunkwere, Philmon Bazimaziki, Emmanuel  Murekezi, and Anne  Akimpaye Their mission is to evangelize and develop the whole person- soul, body and mind.
Interestingly, this church family is located in Rwanda which was the birth place of East Africa Revival movement which won me for Christ and reared me in Christ.
Bishop Vincent welcome to All Nations Christian Church International. We pray that our life together be of the mutual edification.
With love, Patriarch John xiii

Pakistan, It is with great joy that we welcome Pastor Victor Sirdar and Unity in Christ Ministry and Pastors:

Khadim Sabir, Saleem Yousuf, Sabir Yaqoob Deacon MEhmood, Evangelist Ashraf, and Evangelist Saleem Julian.The sole purposes of Unity in Christ ministry is purpose to win souls for Christ and help the needy people and educate them. Their objective are: 1.Removal of illiteracy, to serve the poor, Illiterates, oppressed and downtrodden, Sponsorship of Children, Widows, Orphans, Pastors, Old house colony development which will include, Sewing Centers, provision of clean drinking water, vocational training youth, disaster relief, Medical camps, Church plantation, Street evangelism and Pastors seminars and Gospel crusades
. .See: Photos
Pastor Victor we welcome you to All Nations Christian Church International in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. We look forward to a fruitful ministry together.
Patriarch John xiii

International Apostolic Church of Kenya

We are delighted to welcome Pastor Thomas and Sophia Gwako and International Apostolic Church of Kenya. Pastor Thomas received the call to ministry when he was miraculously healed from liver cancer.
Pastor Thomas we gladly welcome you and all your pastors and church members to All Nations Christian Church International. May the Lord richly bless you as we minister together. ...................Patriarch John xiii


The opening of St Paul parish was attended by over 4,000 South Sudanese with different speaking languages and other friend Church members. We are delighted to inform you that the Anglican Church in South Sudan, which is a ministry of ANCCI, has been registered by the Government of South Sudan under the leadership of Archbishop John Thon.
Yours in Christ, Patriarch John xiii

We are delighted to welcome Evangelist Faisal Saleem and Spread the Word Ministry Pakistan
They are reaching the unreached and ministering to the poor and orphans. This ministry is parallel to ANCCI in that we reach out to all people in all social stratas. Evangelist Faisal, we welcome you and all your members to All Nations Christian Church International. May the Lord bless you as you continue to minister with us! ....
Yours in Christ,..................................... Patriarch John xiii


It is with overwhelming joy that we welcome Pastor Rolando and tribal Ministries. We praise God for Belec his wife for being a great helper to her husband. This couple is called to reaching the people of God who live in remote areas. They very much remind me of the place I was born and lived until I was fifteen. It was almost next to nowhere except forest and mountains. Pastor Rolando is also called to equip other pastors by organizing seminars. Any help for this noble ministry would be greatly appreciated. Pastor Rolando and Tribal Ministries, Welcome All Nations Christian Church International. ............. tribalminister@hotmail.com ........... Patriarch John xiii

It is with overwhelming joy that we welcome Pastor Asher Mansha the President and Founder of Ambassadors in Mission. For the last ten years, Pastor Asher and Asiya, his wife have been preaching the Gospel, raising, training, equipping the saints for ministry and planting churches. His vision is "To be an effective witness for the Lord Jesus Christ, by evangelism, discipleship and helping the needy, and networking with world-wide ministries.” He and his wife have a passion for reaching out to indigenous people, particularly where the Gospel has not been propagated..........
Interesting Pastor Asher comes from Pentecostal Holiness church. St. Cyprian’s International Church which is the mother of ANCCI shares the same sanctuary with a Pentecostal Holiness Church and has joint programs such as children and youth ministry. Pastor Asher and Asiya, we welcome you to All Nations Christian Church International. Be assured of our prayers. We also ask you and your prayer team to be praying for us. May the Lord uphold and keep you. Yours in Christ love,. Patriarch John Githiga

We are delighted to welcome Pastor Nathaniel Inyene Enobong and FORWARD IN FAITH MINISTRIES INTL. We Praise God for the vision he has given our brother of winning souls for Christ, planting churches in Nigeria and Africa and to train Pastors to function in five fold ministry. His vision is in Keeping with that of ANCCI: Empowered by the Holy Spirit, we preach the Gospel to all nations.Pastor Nathaniel, Welcome to All Nations Christian Church International. We pray that God will bless our life together. ......
.............. fifnigeria@yahoo.com .................
...................................................... Patriarch John xiii

Dear Brother John, Thank you for your continued prayers. Things are going along in a really special way and we are continuing to see God work in ways that only He can. We are all healthy and strong by God's grace and hope you the same. Brother, this month we are planning to visit 4 villages with our gospel team to spread the gospel and connect the new disciple to the body of Christ. It would be very grateful help for our ministry if we received "LCD Video Projector and sound system set" from ANCCI, because media is increasingly becoming the primary tool for mass evangelism. Particularly in villages where people might never have seen a film, the JESUS Film touches the hearts of hundreds of thousands. Through this most effective evangelistic tool we can save more people for the kingdom of God. Keep praying for us... Many Blessings! Sister in Christ, Esther Dass (President and Founder) "And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations." Mt 24:14..................... http://www.iwcwtministry.org

Alice we welcome you to All Nations Christian Church International. We pray that the Lord give you a fruitful ministry with us.
It is a delight to welcome The Rev. Captain Alice Njunge who was ordained in Indianapolis on her 27th spiritual birth day, May 19, 2012. Alice is a Church Army Captain and was trained at Church Training College, Nairobi. The training focused on Evangelism and urban missions. As a Captain, she is trained to be the spearhead of the Church. She was theologically educated at St. Paul's University, Limuru. Alice was among the people who spearheaded renewal ministry in Kenya and thus her ministries name is Ebenezer Renewal Minitries Inc.
Patriarch John
........ ebenezerrenewalministries.com


March 7, 2012
Word of Life Church

Tom Brown was consecrated and ordained a Bishop under the Apostolic Succession along with Steven Evans
(from left to right, Sonia Brown, Tom Brown, Steven Evans and Mikah Evans)
Word of Life Church

See Story:
......... www.org/ordination

Welcome to ANCCI,
It is with great joy that we welcome Esther Dass, Pastor Amarpal and Grace Blessing Church to ANCCI on the Pentecost Sunday. By God’s grace and in the power of the Holy Spirit, Esther embarked in outreach ministry to women and children in New Delhi, India. And then she was called to start church planting. We praise God greatly because Esther and her team have planted three churches. The vision of Grace Blessing Church is to “Win people for Jesus, connect the new disciple to the body of Christ, Train and prepare leaders. Send them to every city and every nation to fulfill the ultimate completion of the Great Commission. Their vision statement is very much in keeping to the vision of ANCCI- empowered by the Holy Spirit, we preach the Gospel to all nations. These evangelist request Digital Video Projector to be used for evangelism. Please make your tax deductible check to ANCCI.
Sister Esther, Pastor Amarpal and all brothers and sisters of Grace Blessing Church, welcome to Al
l Nations Christian Church International.
..................... Patriarch John xiii ............................................................... iwcwtministry.org




was ordained a priest at St. Cyprian’s International Church, Amarillo, on February 26. Liz ministers as a Chaplain for those in prison. A big thank you to Mary Githiga and Susan Sanborn for their hospitality and Glen for his role as Chancellor and to Aggry Nyanje for operating the power point presentation.

We are delighted to welcome Pastor Charagh Roshan and Hallelujah Evangelistic Association. Pastor Charagh and his team has responded to minister to the women, widows, orphans, prisoners and reaching out to unreached and to offer children education. Their activities also include Gospel music and telephone prayer line. Pastor Charagh would like us to go to Pakistan and hold pastors leadership conference. Pastor Charagh, welcome to All Nations Christian Church International. We pray that the Lord continue to give you fruitful ministry.......... Agape
Patriarch John xiii
............................. Photos:

PRAISE REPORT FROM THE PHILIPPINES: .. Harvesters Christian Mission International
We praise God for the great work which is being done in our ministries. This time the crowning of my joy is the fruitful ministry done by Pastor Remegio Blanco in Philippines. So many children, youth and adults are experiencing the overwhelming presence of the Holy Spirit. This is in fulfillment of the words of the prophet Joel: “In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all the people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams. Even on my servants, both men and women, I will pour out my Spirit in those days, and they will prophesy.” Acts. 2: 17-18. We praise God for dedicated evangelists, pastors and bishops who are obedient to Christ and are reaching out to all ages. Praise the Lord!
Patriarch John Githiga o....o Website: Harvesters

o...... oFreedom In Christ Intl.

We Welcome Pastor Samuel S Bobor and his lovely wife Rev. Patricia Bobor. It is my delight to inform you that we have resolved to affiliate you with All Nations Christian Church International. We pray about your desire for planing churches and for holding a convention in October. We believe the Lord will give us a fruitful ministry togeather.
.................................. Patriarch John Githiga

Welcome The Rev. Dr. Alvin John
is with great delight that we welcome the Rev. Dr. Alvin John to ANCCI.  Pastor John, who holds PhD in Ministry and PhD in Theology, is the Senior Pastor of Biblical Faith Church which is situated in Lahore which is known as the Heart of the Punjab province with a population of around 9 million people. Pastor John accepted Christ as his personal Savior in 1990 and started supporting the local Church which was established by his father, Pastor Nathaniel. Pastor John’s greatest passion is to win the souls for Christ.
................................................................ Patriarch John Githiga

Archbishop Elias John Kombo

All Nations Province of Equitorial African Consecrated four bishops assited by Archbishop Metropolitan Doyle
Volentine and Archbishop John Thon

............................... WELCOME PENTECOSTAL EVANGELISTIC

It is with great delight that we welcome Bishop James Mararo and P.E.F.A. Aberdare Region. This relationship developed out of ministering together in the power of the Holy Spirit. Last month, All Nations Christian Church International sent 12 missioners to minister with PEFA at their annual conference which had one thousand participants. This was followed by a Gospel Festival at Saba Saba which attracted a crowd of about 20,000. In the course of ministering together, the Holy Spirit bound us with the cord that cannot be broken. For me, to have God’s people from this region is a special gift since this was the region in which I was born and brought up. What is also a miracle is that I didn’t initiate the relationship. The Spirit of God used Rev. Boniface Gitau and Archbishop Metropolitan Doyle Volentine to spearhead the relationship. This Church family comprises of 9 bishops with Bishop James as Regional Bishop, 150 pastors and 150 congregations. We gladly welcome you to ANCCI! May the Lord richly bless you as we join hands in building the Kingdom of God.
Patriarch John Githiga

We welcome Bishop Johnny and Barbara Riley
It is with great delight that we welcome Bishop Johnny and Barbara Pitts Riley to All Nations Christian Church International. These gracious and loving couple oversees Bridge The Gap Ministries International which has churches in the USA, Nigeria and South Africa. Their mission is to seek to bridge the gaps between the Body of Christ and Jesus Christ. They are committed to making, teaching and sending disciples for Jesus Christ to the world by being a loving expression of His love and truth. Mary and I had a blessing of meeting with +Johnny and Barbra in Monroe. We experience them as warm, gracious and friendly. Bishop Johnny has accepted the call to be Regional Coordinator of All Nations Seminary. We strongly believe that God will mightily use us in building up the Kingdom of God. Patriarch John Githiga

We rejoice with Hope All Nations Anglican Church at their first anniversary celebration. When Mary and I visited them in May, we found them to be warm, loving and as in the early church, they partake their food with glad and generous hearts. Great thanks to the Rev Horace and Mama Kamau and the Rev. John Mwaniki for their tireless effort in planting this congregation. We Love and appreciate you, Patriarch John Githiga

ooHouse of Praise Church International Pastor Kennedy & Mary Otieno,
ooooooooooooooooooo Kenya Africa - Feeding Program

Beloved Ken and Mary we are most grateful for your tireless effort of feeding the hungry despite the fact that your foot is still hurting. I believe you will enjoy the Lord when he will say: "come you who are blessed by my Father; take your inheritance the kingdom was prepared for you since the creation of the world. For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat." May the Lord fill you with peace and joy.
,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.......................................................................................,,,, Patriarch John Githiga

Mission Trip To Phoenix Arizona...... Click

Mission Trip To The Philippines,
Medical, Dental Mission, and Feeding Program at the Dumpsite
We are so much blessed by your lives and the Messages you have shared with us. Yes, we will always be praying for you guys, we love you so much. One thing we know now is that we are no longer ALONE, we have a FAMILY, All Nations Christian Church International ....... 3J2biblecenter.org

It is with great joy that we are receiving the Rev. Jonas Ngonga of Angola, South Africa. He joins us with his lovely wife Sambo and his two children, Tapiwa and Peggy. Fr. Jonas has been going through a wilderness experience which has led him to a higher dimension of spirituality and ministry. He is enthuistically planting All Nations Christian Church International in Angola and has a dream of reaching out to other Southern African countries. May the Lord bless his ministry and relationship with ANC.
Patriarch John Githiga

El Shaddai  Uvira
Steven and Angel
Deota Diocese, which covers Burudi and Democratic Republic of Congo

So my Ministry is like Jeremiah’s Ministry where by  the Holy Spirit has  given me a new word that we help my people to live a new life
We support 20 children among those who lost their parents in the 1998 -2002 war that broke out in DRC.
My wife works with vulnerable women in Uvira and surroundings to help them understand their lives, and see how they can come out of this kind of life. She trains them, helps them have the seed to plan, and  among the women she is working with, there are those who would like to  learn tailoring, and cooking  skills.

Pastor Geoffrey Muyanja
International Gospel Mission Miniseries

Held a campus crusade which brought hundreds of students to Christ. He also had house to house evangelism. Many were healed and brought to Christ. Those who committed themselves to Christ include six policemen. The greatest undertaking was leading a march of one thousand participants in Kabaka Kingdom where there is animal and child sacrifice. During this momentous occasion three witchdoctor's committed their lives to Christ. The stronghold was destroyed and child sacrifice has decrease. Remember Pastor Geoffrey and Lidia and those who minister with them in your prayers.
Patriarch John

Forth Dimension
International Charismatic Ministry
, Brazil

t is our greatest delight to welcome the Community of Forth Dimension: International Charismatic Ministry which was founded by Bishop Dom Fabiano. This community resulted from revival meetings which were organized by +Fabiano. It comprises of Anglicans, Pentecostals, Baptists, and Presbyterians. The members are called to plant churches in South American, Europe and Africa.  This Charismatic movement adheres to the five solas of the reformation: Sola Christus, Sola Gratia, Sola Fide, Sola Scriptura, Soli Deo Glória.  Interestingly this ministry is received on the feast of St. John who wrote more about fellowship than any other New Testament writer. The Apostle John exhorts:  We proclaim to you what we have seen and heard, so that you also may have fellowship with us. And our fellowship is with the Father and with his Son Jesus Christ.

All Nations Church
Gathering of the Nations Conference
Gathering of the Nations.  Archbishops, Bishops, priests, and laity came together to celebrate God's calling and equipping for the ministry of  the church.  The culminating worship service included the institution of John Githiga as the Patriarch of ANC and Doyle Volentine as the Archbishop Metropolitan.  The Celebrants were Bishop Michael Reid, Bishop James Dargan and Bishop Ruth Urban.  Directing the service was Archdeacon John Urban.  An earlier worship service included the ordination of Ron Jones and the reception into priesthood of Carolyn Volentine.  Chancellor Glen Sanborn administered the oaths of office.

We are delighted to welcome Pastor Boniface Gitau of vessels of Honer International Ministries. Pastor Boniface is the founder and Executive Director of Vessel of Honor International ministries. He is ordained minister, a gifted teacher, preacher and prolific writer. He is author of Becoming a Vessel of Honor, Making Wise Choice in Life and Thriving in the Midst of Adversity. He is married to Dorcas and they have two lovely children, Rebecca and Joseph. To know more about Pastor Boniface and his ministry visit.

It is with overwhelming joy that we welcome the Right Rev. Dr. Santosh Thomas on the feast of St. Lancelot Andrews of Winchester. Born of a Pastor, Bishop Thomas inherited the ministry of his father which he has nurtured and has now 350 churches, 475 missionaries, with 58,000 believers and is connected with 5000 pastors in North India. We are delighted to set him apart as Director of Missions and the Bishop of North West India and Himalaya Belt of All Nations Church. Like St. Lancelot Andrews, Bishop Thomas is one of the brightest lights in North India who is faithfully serving the Lord under great challenges. It is a blessing to have our brother Thomas in All Nations Christian Church International. Bishop Thomas is married to Shimona and they have two lovely children.

We Welcome India

Bethel Bible Institute, Bishop Emmanuel Elangovern, India:
Faith Gospel Ministries, Pastor Neelan Suvarnaraju Bangalore, India
Great Commission Gospel Ministries, Rev. Joropalli V. Srikanth Hyderabad, India:

May the Lord bless India and their relationship with All Nations Christian Church International.

Mission Trip to Kenya Africa
The Lord gave us clear vision as we set out for our mission to Kenya.

St. Augustine of Canterbury, Rome, Italy
The Revs. Guido and Emanuala It is with great joy that we have received the Reverend Guido and the Rev. Emanuala and St. Augustine of Canterbury community in Rome to All Nations Church

................... Congratulations
.............. Rev. Lea Walker Clark

Lea was ordained a Deacon of All Nations Church by Bishop Ruth Urban on May 9, 2010 at Promise Land Church in Austin, TX.   She graduated from the Episcopal Seminary of the Southwest with a Master's degree in Counseling. She will be earning  her MDiv. and then be ordained a priest.  She resides in Austin, TX Bishop Ruth Urban:

...A Celebration
......of Love

Rev. Mary Githiga of St. Cyprian's International Church celebrated the Eucharist on this Mother's day. The message was given by Patriarch John Githiga who also prayed and comforted the family of the late Ibraham Sadiq who died a month ago in a road accident.

............ Welcome Argentina
It is with great enthusiasm and joy that we welcome Deacon Ramiro Guerrero and the Community of St. Paul's, Argentina on this feast of St. Mark. We have been communicating with Rev. Ramiro for the last six months and we are very much thrilled by his testimony. Like St. Mark, the community of St. Paul has had to have courage moving out of their comfort zone. Ramiro is a University professor and an attorney. He is trilingual. He speaks Portuguese, Spanish and English. May the Lord bless his ministry with us. Patriarch John Githiga

ooooo All Nations Seminary News
The students immensely enjoyed Father Martin Davis who taught a seminary course on Spiritual Pilgrimage.  "We love him and when he comes again we will all be there" said one of the students. Father Martin rightly asserted: "Christianity is not merely a religion. It is a relationship with Jesus Christ, empowered and facilitated by the Holy Spirit in accordance with the Father's will. Like all relationships, our relationship with the Triune God must be nurtured and developed. Thus, an ongoing practice of devotion, prayer and personal reflection is essential to the student of theology and biblical studies, so that a vibrant and fruitful relationship with God may be developed and empowered by the Holy Spirit"

We can say that  in  all the things we came through. God was in control and we know he had our best interest at heart.  By being in Sudan for 12 days, we were able to develop an empathic understanding, not only for the Sudanese, but also for the people of God who had undergone such tribulation.   Better still, the Lord strengthened the bond between Archbishop Doyle and myself.  For twelve days, we had no mirror (something which we take for granted) and so we were mirrors for each other. We indeed owned a Great Promise, "But you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you and you shall be my witnesses.
.... Patriarch John and Archbishop Doyle, mission trip to Sudan and Kenya
..................................ALL NATIONS CHURCH IN SUDAN

We are most grateful to God for his presence and protection during our mission to Sudan. A large number of people attended the enthronement service this included chiefs and members of the Parliament. We felt God's presence as a large number of people came and knelt for healing. The clergy conference was well attended and there was a give and take process as we used discussible methods and questions and answers. We are most grateful for those who supported us in prayer and finances.

.... We receive Bishop Jeremiah & Roseline Nimely
............... and the Living Water Fellowship

We are most grateful to God for the way He has used them in reaching out to the children and youth. It  is God's timing that we receive Bishop Jeremiah in the week of the celebration of the feast of St. Nicholas who was devoted to children's ministry. May the Lord bless them and the children they serve.

Welcome Bishop Elect Berardo Moutou With Divine permission, prayers and a long period of negotiation, we delightfully welcome Bishop Elect Bernardo MOUTOU and the Diocese of Gabon to All Nations Church. We praise God for connecting us with the lovely Christians of Gabon. We cherish bishop Elect MOUTOU and the people of Gabon. Gabon a country in West Central African is democratic, with abundant's of natural resources and is one of the most prosperous countries in the region with extraordinary varieties of wild life. We pray that God may bless our relationship

oooooooooo Thila Kenya Africa

Kingdom Builders Diocese, Thila Kenya Africa Missionary Bishop Stanley Karanja and his wife Margaret who are located in Thika, Kenya. They are called to reach out and equip for ministry, Christian Teachers. We praise God for calling professional teachers to reach out to other teachers. Better still, they are the very first servants of the Lord from  Archbishop's John' ethnic community to affiliate with All Nations Christian Church International. Glory to God.

... ..


TBN gave us two hours of coverage. The TBN host Ellson E. Bennett interviewed us and allowed us to share each ministry.  Rev Manuel Castro of the Yaqui Tribe shared about his ministry and explained beautifully the dance and song using traditional drums to glorify God.  Father Joe Cordero brought dancers from the town of Guadeloupe and was able to share about his work with incarcerated youth and worship experiences his ministry encouraged among the indigenous tribes through the use of drum and flute.  Archbishop John and Lady Mary summarized the vision of All Nations Christian Church International and its Commission by Jesus to reach all nations for Christ, specifically those who are marginalized.  Therefore, All Nations Christian Church International is a church which unites beyond race and ethnic origin. This is evidenced in their own work with the marginalized in the Amarillo area, bringing individuals to Christ and discipline the new believers.  Archbishop John spoke of the need for the universal church to enrich itself with the teaching of Christian theologians other than, and in addition to, those of European heritage.   TBN devoted a whole half hour to the work of Father Joe Cordero and the Rev. Manuel Castro with youth at risk in the Phoenix area.  All Nations Christian Church International is grateful for the publicity, support, and sharing of TBN and its staff. It is estimated that 2.5 million viewed our program in the Phoenix, Arizona area

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